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It was a peaceful afternoon in Paris, she was enjoying her milkshake, sitting in a bridge. Orange light touching her exposed skin as she admired the sunset that appeared behind the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful, but anyways, she still missing New York.

For the first time in a long time she could feel like a normal person, no problems that involved radiation, her powers, violence, or secret agencies who want to find her and bring her back.

She was clearly not a normal person.

It started to get dark quickly, she looked at his watch; half past seven. The city of lights began to come alive as she was on her way to her penthouse, taking a shortcut through an alley where there were no people.

Then a man began to follow her,  getting closer. She of course had noticed, she was only waiting for the right moment...

"Donnez-moi tout ce que vous avez!"

The french man said behind her, pressing a gun to his waist.

"Uh, mauvais coup, I'homme."

And before the unknown man could react, she turned and attacked the man with a direct punch to his face, which fell to the ground confused with his gun still in his hand, the man shot the young woman, but when the bullet was inches from reaching her a force field surrounded her, sending the bullet away. The man remain frozen in the ground so that he saw.

After nearly five years of moving to France, this is not what is supposed to happen.

But of course, could not spend so much time before she had to use them again.

'Why me?' She wondered.

Just then the police sirens were heard.

"Oh, cherchez vous?" She said, lifting the man and put his arms on his back, making him walk toward the police.

"Comme ce est commode..."

She handed the man to the police, but before they could ask her who she was, she disappeared.

Reader's POV

Blocks later, I deactivated my invisibility and kept walking at night through the streets of Paris to finally get to my penthouse, as if nothing had happened, wishing not have to use my powers anymore.

But that didn't happen...

"Good to see you again, [y/n]."

Said a voice from the darkness of my apartment. I turned on all the lights in less than a second with my telekinesis, while a knife fly from the kitchen to my hand. The lights lit up the face of the person. And I realized who it was.

Oh no... this can't be good.

"Agent Hill? What are you doing here?" I said totally surprised and confused at the same time, it's been years since the last time I saw Maria, years since I left SHIELD.

"I came to find you, SHIELD need you back... well, at least what's left."

"What do you mean with 'what's left'?"

Hill sighed and put her hands on my shoulders.

"HYDRA was infiltrated in SHIELD all this time, there's no one to trust, Fury is dead and Coulson took his place, he wants you to help us to rebuild a new SHIELD-"

"Wait! Let me stop you right there!" I said, raising a finger and dropping the knife in my hand at the same time.

 "Fury's dead!? Hydra was inside of Shield!? How.... You have a lot to explain, Maria! How they kill Nick Fury? I know him well, that's impossible..." I said, walking towards the giant window that was in my livingroom, admiring the beautiful citylights.

"Nothing lasts forever, (y/n)." Hill said behind me.

I kept silent for a moment, processing what I had heard.

* Flashback 17 years before *

 Crying desperately I ran out of my house in the middle of the night, my bare little feet touching the cold snow. There was nothing, no sign of life, only rubble and dead bodies everywhere. My house was all that was still standing there, but my parents were dead and I was still breathing... How?

Just then a helicopter came down in front of me, a symbol of what looked like an eagle in it, and from within, a man of dark complexion and a black coat emerged from the helicopter. He slowly approached me, and I, stood frozen in my position.

He get in front of me kneeling at my level, bringing a hand to my face. At the time I thought it was going to feel the warmth of his hand on my cheek, I felt nothing.

There was a force field around my fragile figure, the man's hand was touching the invisible wall instead of me.

I was in a shock that I couldn't describe. What happened? Did I do that? Who is this man?-

"Don't know who the hell did this, nor do I know why they did it, but please don't be afraid. I'm Nick Fury, and I'm here to help you."

It felt as if all my senses were alert, my whole brain active, that bomb had an effect on me, a radiactive bomb that killed hundreds at the same time. It has no sense at all.

I nodded my head and he guided me toward the helicopter. Since then I met SHIELD, they trained me and kept me until I couldn't resist more and moved to France.

I wanted to leave all the pain back, but I couldn't make it disappear, apparently it will last forever...

* End Flashback *

"Believe me, I tested this theory and it's not true, there are things that it last forever... and it have to be the most painful..." I whispered the last part closing my eyes.

Maria put her hand on my left shoulder. "Fury's dead for the world, but not for some people...." She said smiling, knowing that I know what she was meaning.

I turned to face her again. "Where is he?" I said smirking.

"He just told me that I told you that he's waiting for you, and give you a new mission. He trust you for this."

"Trust me? Woah, must be big. What is it?"

"So you're with us?"

"Have I another choice?" I said lifting my hands.

Maria chuckled. "There's this amazing team that we want to put you in..."

"Don't you mean..."


".....Damn, I'd better suit up."
Nothing Lasts Forever [Avengers x Reader]
Oh well, this is my first fanfic ever! Please don't kill me if my english sucks, is not the language spoken in my country :x Anyways, hope you enjoy :D


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